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Onyx — Groove On

  • WEEK Jun. 2007/24
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 7290010123728

1. Beams of the Light (rmx)2. Cinnamon Roll3. Manpower4. Step by Step5. Time Rulers (rmx)6. Subliminal7. Atlantis8. Groove On9. Waterfield


Yanniv Goldfarb born in Israel in 1976 started the path to music at the age of 1
5.When he got his first electric guitar and joined the hard core/metal band Brutal Platoon. Soon to become successful on the local Israeli scene they even performed live with two legendary British bands Exploited and Carcass.At the age of 18 Yanniv began his first DJing experience in an alternative rock/new wave club The End where he became a resident DJ. In 1995 he discovered the world of Goa Trance soon to change his life. After the transaction of playing Trance at local parties he left for Japan where he lived for 4 years Djing in Tokyo clubs and outdoor events. In 1998 he traveled to India for 6 months soaking up more of the Goa/psychedelic trance genre that he fell in love with back in «95 playing week after week in the mountains of the Parvati and Kulu (Manali) Valleys.While in Japan together with his Turkish friend DJ Sancar (OTG) he started Arcadia a successful party organizing and CD distribution company. In the summer of 2000 the team parted ways and Yanniv returned to Israel to create a new label Bionics Records and to get his practical Sound Engineering degree.After several years of activity running the label and producing music under the name Onyx Yanniv realized that he had to choose between running his own label and his passion to write music. The decision to close Bionics Records was inevitable and the real Onyx was born!Now in 2007- After 12 years of successful activity in the international Trance scene achieving a solid reputation for top notch producing and songwriting Yanniv is about to release his debut album «Groove On» under the label BNE/YoYo.

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