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Declaration Of Unity — Intercerebral EP

  • WEEK Feb. 2016/09
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 23 min 46 sec

Track 1

1. Blue Energy — Declaration of Unity. [7:12]

Track 2

2. Alpha 2 — Declaration of Unity. [8:58]

Track 3

3. Intercerebral — Declaration of Unity. [7:36]


Declaration of Unity are back with EP +3 on Ovnimoon Records.Being straightforward but at the same time skeptic this release delivers a positive message to the Progressive Psytrance collective.With the addition of digeridoo flutes djembe and other percussion crafted and played by M. Kalpakidis the group shows some signs of their organic and techno-oriented newer works yet to come. Ioannis Papafilis is a hellenic composer and producer with an official record producing presence since 2002 known as Spectrum. He also participates in varied musical forms and musical genres. Alongside him hellenic/norwegian Ion Solounias (aka Ion Vader).Declaration of Unity has references to the golden era of the «90s with the intent of promoting spirit creativity and positivism. In 2014 hellenic/colombian Georgios Koutsourelis started offering his services and skill to the group and subsequently joined in as a full member.

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Берег Ветров т. 1

Берег Ветров т. 1

Название: Берег Ветров т. 1
Автор: Ааду Хинт
Серия: Приложекие к журналу «Дружба народов»
Издательство: Известия
Год: 1963
Страниц: 392
Формат: pdf
Качество: хорошее
Размер файла: 44.19 MB
Язык: русский

Роман-эпопея «Берег ветров» — самое крупное, наиболее выдающееся произведение Народного писателя Эстонии Ааду Хинта. Это история жизни эстонского народа на протяжении почти пятидесяти лет, яркое повествование о его горестях и радостях, о его борьбе за счастье.Действие романа начинается еще в прошлом веке и завершается в преддверии сорокового года, когда в Эстонии произошла июльская революция и была восстановлена советская власть. Писатель прослеживает жизнь трех поколений своих основных героев, проводит их через все важнейшие исторические события нашего бурного века. Идеалы добра и справедливости лишь для третьего поколения семьи Тиху становятся явью.»

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Interface Hud Video Elements (RocketStock)

Interface Hud Video Elements (RocketStock)Interface Hud Video Elements (RocketStock)
MOV, AEP5.5+ | Full HD 1920×1080 | Video Encoding: Photo JPEG | 5.38 GB

A Next Level HUD Collection
Featuring over 400 video elements, Interface is the definitive Heads Up Display (HUD) pack. Whether enhancing futuristic videos, adding impact to corporate projects or beyond, this collection makes it easy to build your ideal HUD.
With Interface, you have total creative control. Large resolution files make for seamless scalability, while in, out, and loop options allow for customized timing.

Over 400 Epic HUD Assets Built to Impress

An Astonishing Range of Assets
Interface boasts 424 unique HUD elements.
A Huge Variety of Styles
Circles, targets, graphs and more.
Perfect for Any Project
Sci-fi, tech, corporate, documentaries and more.
Fully Customizable
AEP file included for advanced customization

424 MOVs (JPEG 2000)
Master After Effects file included
Detailed video tutorial
For Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, & After Effects

Timeline Ready HUDs
Interface has been built with ease-of-use in mind. Just drag and drop the files directly onto your timeline and youre ready to go. Plus, large resolution, color neutral assets with alpha channels mean that you can easily edit all aspects of your HUD until youve got it just right.

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